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With the first in the DI Nyree Bradshaw series of gritty police procedurals, and the second due for release next June, fans have been requesting a place they can source information about upcoming titles and publication dates. This is it.

BETTER LEFT DEAD will be published next June, and already here's what early readers are saying about it: 

"BETTER LEFT DEAD is a twisty, complicated story in which the stakes couldn't be higher; a stunning tale where secrets abound and it's left to Bradshaw to ferret out the truth. Lea's crisp prose, insightful characters, and spot-on descriptions cement her place in the canon of must-read crime fiction writers." - Karen Dionne, author of The Marsh King's Daughter. 



Other Catherine Lea titles are typically thrillers with heart. You'll find characters who don't always get it right, but they give it their best trying. Here's what they're saying about The Candidate's Daughter: 


"A thriller with heart." - Sara J. Henry, Anthony-award winning author of A COLD AND LONELY PLACE.

"Absolutely spellbinding ... completely unputdownable." - Karen Dionne, internationally published author of BOILING POINT  and FREEZING POINT.

"...a cinematically-imagined ending that would do any Hollywood Blockbuster proud." - IndieHeart reviewer, Jill Nojack.





C.J. Lea titles are typically dark, gritty thrillers with characters that you'll love to hate. The Contestant is the first thriller under the C.J. Lea banner, and here's what they're saying about it:


"Dark, twisted and seductive--it's hard not to be drawn in by THE CONTESTANT."
--Simon Wood, author of PAYING THE PIPER  


"It has one of the most despicable characters I've encountered in ages, a guy who thoroughly creeps me out. The story sucked me into this dark world and didn't let me go until THE END." - Jerry Hatchett, Bestselling Author of PAWNBROKER and SEVEN UNHOLY DAYS.


"The action blasts along in visually wrought scenes that would work brilliantly at the moving picture show, the story is interesting with a number of twists, and the ending is ultimately satisfying." - Author and reviewer, Jill Nojack.



The Candidate's Daughter
Child Of The State
The Contestant
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