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The Water's Dead

The Water's dead ebook cover with blurb.jpg
"A truly compelling book, full of atmosphere and with an unforgettable main character" - Elly Griffiths, bestselling author of the Ruth Galloway series.

The chin tattoo confirms the victim in Māori. The whorls of ink from her lower lip to her chin - the moko - is worn only by Māori women.

So her ethnicity is a given.

Finding who murdered her and dumped her body in the pool at the base of Mason's Rock waterfall is DI Nyree Bradshaw's latest case. From the strangely unsympathetic parents to the beligerent boyfriend on home detention for drugs, it seems everyone has something to hide, and no one is telling the truth.

Then Nyree discovers six-year-old diabetic, Lily Holmes is missing, last seen in the victim's care. Now Myree must find the killer to save Lily.

The clock is ticking.

She had already failed her own son. She cannot fail this child.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "The Water's Dead is not your average police procedural mystery, it's a riveting story you won't be able to put down." - J.H. Bográn, author of Poisoned Tears

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "The writing is crisp, the settings vivid, and the characters memorable. I strongly recommend this novel for its sheer enjoyment." - Arthur Kerns, Author of The Riviera Contract.

Who will Love this Book?
Fans of Anne Cleeves's Vera series of police procedural novels, Sally Rigby's Detective novels, Lynne McEwan's Detective Shona Oliver books, Jane Harper, and Adam Croft will devour this thrilling new crime series.


(Warning: some language may offend)


The plan is simple: kidnap the daughter of Senate candidate Richard McClaine, take the money and run. Nobody gets hurt, the kid goes home alive.

car thief Kelsey Money thinks it’s the worst idea Matt and his drug-fueled brother have ever come up with. But Matt’s the planner. He’s the one Kelsey has always depended on.

Then she discovers the part of the plan she wasn't told - th
at six-year-old Holly McClaine has only twenty-four hours to live. So Kelsey makes a decision. To save Holly she'll have to betray Matt. It's a dangerous move. Especially when she finds out Holly isn't the only one that's now surplus to Matt's requirements.

Across town, Elizabeth McClaine has no idea what her daughter was wearing when she disappeared. When Holly was born with Down syndrome and a cleft palate, Elizabeth placed her only child in the care of a nanny while she fought postpartum depression.

But when Holly is kidnapped and Elizabeth discovers the detective leading the hunt has already failed one kidnapped child, Elizabeth knows she cannot fail hers.

Now both women have twenty-four hours to find Holly. Because in twenty-five, she’ll be dead.

The Candidate's Daughter is a story of love and loss, failure and redemption, of mothers and daughters, and the bonds between them.

2016-535 eBook, Catherine Lea, Child Of


"He's first, you're next."


That's the message someone scribbled on a photo of Stacy May Charms' six-year-old son, two days before her release from prison.


Stacy knows why. She doesn't know who.


And she's not waiting around to find out. Her plan is to grab her child and run.


From the minute Stacy May breaks parole and goes on the run, Elizabeth McClaine - custodian of the trust responsible for Stacy's early release -  is flung into social and political exile, her reputation in ruins.


If Elizabeth is to save Stacy and her son, and clear the name of the trust bearing her name, she must figure out who Stacy's running from -- and why.



And all the clues point back to those who were supposed to be helping her.

"Find Me!”

Those are the words on the note crumpled in Laney Donohue’s disabled sister’s hand. All Laney knows is that the young nurse aid who wrote them was taken by a man, and no one stopped him. Laney owes this young woman. She cared for Laney's sister when Laney couldn't. Now she's disappeared without trace. Laney intends to find out why.

Meanwhile, it’s Elizabeth McClaine’s birthday. Or it would be if her PA had gotten the date right. So what better time to leave her unwanted party than when the call comes telling her a client of her charitable foundation has been found beaten and left cowering in a closet, her nurse aid missing.

But from the moment Elizabeth asks the first question, it’s obvious someone out there is hell-bent on stopping her. And when the trail left by Laney Donohue leads to the brothels and casinos of an organized crime syndicate two states away, Elizabeth must pit her wits against the brilliant and ruthless crime boss to save her. The problem is…

…he already knows she’s coming.

A gripping thriller that will have you guessing to the very last page.



(Warning: Contains Graphic Violence)

For Raymond, the online contests were only ever about the money. A brilliant and resourceful serial killer, a hit-and-run accident five years ago left him confined to a wheelchair, and he now makes a humble living pursuing prizes under stolen and fake identities, and selling them online.

But when a $10 million treasure hunt comes up, Raymond begins to realize just how small and insignificant his life has become. This treasure hunt could be his salvation—the perfect opportunity to recoup a standard of living he once enjoyed, to regain the respect he once garnered as a behavioral analyst and profiler.

The moment he registers for the contest, however, the first email arrives. Someone out there knows him, knows his past, knows details he thought were long buried. Now, there's only one way for Raymond to find his blackmailer and put an end to the threats: Play the game, follow the treasure hunt clues.

And this time, it's not about the money.



Dropping Dead in Delby Rish


A quaint English town, a body, and a headline that reads:

“Citizens of Delby Rish Not Safe In Their Beds. Police Clueless.”

The latest case for Detective Inspector Andrew Manson and his pathologically stylish partner, Detective Eric Steinway, has more twists than a contortionist at a Delby Rish parish fete.

Juggling a homicidal wife on fertility treatment and the unwelcomed advances of the local pathologist’s lovely assistant, Manson must bring this crime and his domestic affairs to a speedy resolution.

Because if this case doesn’t kill him, there’s a very good chance his wife will.


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