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And Now For Something Completely Different

Every now and then, I find myself locked in research mode and thinking, "When did this become such hard work?"

Don't get me wrong-I love research. I adore finding out about far-flung places and how the other half live. But for a writer, there's such a thing as getting yourself bogged down.

So a few weeks back, I opened a book I'd written and had sitting for some while on my C-drive, and I thought, "Let's see how this one flies." The result is DROPPING DEAD IN DELBY RISH.

The blurb goes something like this:

“Citizens of Delby Rish Not Safe In Their Beds. Police Clueless.”That’s the front page headline of the Delby Rish Enquirer when the first body turns up in the quaint English town of Delby Rish. Now Detective Inspector Andrew Manson and his off-sider, Detective Eric Steinway must apprehend the villain and bring peace and justice to the town once more.

However, as the desk sergeant points out, “A slippery bit of machinery, is the wheels of justice, Mr. Manson,” and this investigation has more twists than a contortionist at a Delby Rish parish fate.Juggling a homicidal wife on fertility treatment, and the unwelcomed advances of the local pathologist’s lovely assistant, Manson must bring this crime and his domestic affairs to a speedy resolution.

Because if this case doesn’t kill him, there’s a very good chance his wife will.

DROPPING DEAD is now available for preorder on Amazon here:

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